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Long story short, I ghosted him after our third date, and it took him a while to take the hint.

Fast-forward two months to when I’m sitting on a flight home from Denver, and who walks onto the plane? We chatted for a moment before he had to shuffle down the aisle to his seat.

Two hours later, it was apparent he was definitely not fifteen minutes away with takeout.

Naturally, I wrote him off long ago, but good old ' Jim from H Street' (as he’s saved in my phone) still texts me like clockwork every fall—and has for five years running. ’ Honestly, I'm starving—still waiting for that Chinese takeout, Jim!

Word-for-word, he narrated our texts to his audience, giving me a strange voice and inserting his opinions of what I said all along the way. And even though I didn’t think the conversation was particularly interesting, I was mortified.

Knowing that something I thought to be private was broadcasted for all the world to hear and judge—even anonymously—was surreal.

I saw the name come up on my i Phone screen and couldn’t believe it—I was so spooked I didn’t pick up. Alas, he remains a ghost of non-boyfriends past.” —I went out on several dates with a guy who was much more interested in me than I was him.I didn’t deserve it, mind you, but you might say the letter brought me back to life. We all know that Tinder has a long history of making women feel terrible about themselves.(Even though clearly, I didn’t.) And just in case he wasn’t checking his email, I copied the whole thing into a Whatsapp message and sent that out as well. ) It felt good to get out some feelings—but I had my doubts about how he would take it.Just a few days later he wrote back—with the most beautiful love letter I have ever read.

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To kick things off, I’ll share a favorite ghosting story of my own:“Not long after moving to New York I met a handsome medical resident at a bar.

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