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On the bright side, there are many engaging supporting characters, including Rob Reiner as a fellow architect.Also of note are the rich homeowner, the dotty babysitter and Rosie O' Donnell as Ryan's editor and friend.THE NEW YORK DAILY NEWS [quote]Ryan Reynolds and Scarlett Johansson Marriage Troubles?!Published on November 19, 2010 [quote]The couple's tribulations may be the reason the abs-solutely fabulous Reynolds did not make a cameo on "Saturday Night Live" when his Lamborghini-curved wife hosted the show last weekend.In September 2010, Ryan was hanging out with Sandra in Austin.It was NOT reported by even the tabloids, but their PR people pre-emptively placed a blurb in US WEEKLY about how Ryan had stood Sandra up a few times.Ryan told SNL that he had to attend a benefit in NYC.

Annie's infatuation with Sam's story and by association Sam himself is despite being already engaged.

Thankfully, few to none of their scenes involve the annoying children.

Did anybody see those outtakes from the movie he did with Sandra Bullock and Betty White?

R15, Ryan Reynolds and Sandra Bullock have been friends for around 11 years.

However, in the months leading up to his and Scarlett's separation, Ryan was hanging out with Sandra frequently, but it was kept under-the-radar.

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