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A couple of days after his funeral, Marilyn's acting coach Natasha Lytess found her collapsed in her bedroom.Horrified, Natasha rushed to her side and forced open her mouth. Her third marriage, in June 1956, was to yet another father figure - the intellectual playwright Arthur Miller, who, at 40, was older than her by a decade.He wasn't sure if it was the drugs she was taking, the alcohol or just her mind breaking down on her.' The end of her marriage to Miller resulted in the next big crisis in Marilyn's life.Alarmed by her suicidal obsession, her psychiatrist Dr Marianne Kris suggested that she check into a private ward at New York Hospital for some rest under medical supervision. On Sunday, February 5, 1961, Dr Kris drove her to the hospital, where Marilyn checked in using the pseudonym of Faye Miller.Dinner was at eight, but at 9pm Marilyn was still sitting in front of her dressing-table mirror, putting the finishing touches to her make-up.Notoriously late for everything, she was happy to keep the President of the United States waiting.

She was noticed in 1949 by Johnny Hyde, a powerful agent with the William Morris agency.She eventually arrived at JFK's hotel, more than an hour late, with Lawford's business partner Milt Ebbins.She drew a deep breath, smoothed down her dress and said: 'OK, shall we? "There are some people here who are dying to meet you." Then she was descended upon. He called her the very next day with a suggestion - he was going to be in Palm Springs on March 24, why not join him there?The scars of Marilyn's past were visible to anyone who chose to look, and her impulsive and drug-fuelled behaviour repeated itself throughout all her relationships.By 1962, the year she died, she was heavily dependent on prescription drugs and alcohol to control her emotional instability.

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