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This is the role of the sex offender registry Western Australia and the rest of the country which was put in place in 2005, it simply allows people from all over the world to make sure that people that are working with their children aren't sex offenders.

The WA sex offender registry has in one place a process that can be easily done and which can help one to keep track of sex offenders released back into the community.

Add these to the thousands of convicted sex offenders secretly living and working in communities all over the country and it becomes clear there is a problem and it is not going to disappear.

You should know that in Western Australia itself, there are almost 3,000 registered sex offenders, and the local police is quite concerned that at least 800 of them (almost 30%) may commit more sexual offences in the near future.

The Australians citizens have a right to know if there are sex offenders in their midst and who they are, and this online service may help them to protect themselves and their own children, or other family members who can't take care of themselves.

Parents have a right to know if the people having unsupervised contact with their own children have been convicted of sex crimes in the past.

WARNING Citizen abuse of this information to threaten, intimidate or harass registered sex and kidnapping offenders will not be tolerated.

Such abuse could potentially end our current ability to release this important information to the public and may subject the citizen violator to arrest.

Click above or on the Green Offender Watch box on the left to be taken to our specific Offender Watch page.Relevant, necessary and accurate information concerning risk Level II offenders may be disclosed to public and private schools, child day care centers, family day care providers, businesses and organizations that serve primarily children, women or vulnerable adults, and neighbors and community groups near the residence where the offender resides, expects to reside, or is regularly found.Level II offenders MAY be the subject of general public notification.However the Community Protection Act of 1990 requires that those convicted of sex offenses must register, with the primary legislative intent, “to assist law enforcement agencies’ efforts to protect their communities” by providing relevant and necessary information.More than 16 sex offenders were convicted last year in Australia, twelve of them abused children.

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