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But, about the end of the Twelfth or beginning of the Thirteenth Century, the modem name seems generally to have prevailed, either because all kinds of learning were taught in them, and Students of all Countries were welcome to them, or because they were formed into legal Communities, which, in the Latin of those times, were called Universitates J^ In the darkest of the middle ages, it has been observed, the families of Bishops were the chief Seminaries of Learning, in which young persons were educated for the service of the Church. Hut, in this period, these Schools were put under the tlirection of men of learning-, who devoted their whole time and study to the education of youth, and had cer- tain £states or Prebends assigned for their sup- port.

These Teachers of the Cathedral Schools were called, " The Schofastics of the Diocese;" and all the youth in it, who were designed for the Church, were entitled to the benefit of their in- structions.

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Alcui- NUfi, who was the Keeper of the noble Library which was fimnded at York by Archbishop Egbert, ap caks of it in several of his Letters, as one of the ^^■pet choice is a most memorable p in the Annals of Learning, and aflbrds materials for literary history than two or : Centuries either before or after.

Prior t( accession of this extraordinary Monarch, al Seminaries of Learning in England were hu ashes.

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