Sonar 4 updating system

It's less than 12 months since Sonar 3 was let loose on the world, but already version 4 is before us.

So what can have happened to justify an entire numerical increment?

Version 4's manual is some 60 pages longer than that supplied with v3, too, which indicates some significant extra material.

Sonar is still dongle-free: registration is via serial number and logging on to Cakewalk's web site.

And the developers haven't been distracted by having to maintain incremental Mac OS upgrade compatibility, which seems to be a problem for the cross-platform MIDI and audio programmers.

Cakewalk can just focus on making their software work for their chosen platform.

Some features seem to have been inspired by similar elements in other software, but there's no harm in taking ideas from the good things the competition does.

Besides, doing so may make Sonar more attractive to anyone looking around for a new sequencing environment. My main computer music history has been very much Macintosh-based.

However, my latest music computer upgrade was a laptop PC, which turned out to be more powerful than the top Powerbook for around half the price.

The answer is quite a bit, although the basic core of the program remains the same.

What we get is a collection of facilities that makes working with Sonar faster and more streamlined, and also brings the software up to date with regard to multi-channel audio formats.

I've only been with the family for a little over a year, and I've been impressed by the cleanness of the design, the integration of virtual instruments, audio handling, MIDI handling, MIDI plug-ins, and all the nice extras that its good to have around 'just in case'.

Sonar 's loop- and clip-based audio and MIDI sequencing has made it a hit with the dance and hip-hop crowd, but these features are tidily integrated into a program that excels in any environment where music is required, from home studio to video editing suite.

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