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According to author Jon Birger, you’re not imagining things. To all the young, college-educated women out there who feel like Donald Trump will probably become president before they find a decent, eligible man, take comfort.Based on his research, here are eight reasons why women can’t find a man — and strategies for increasing their odds. “Because women have been graduating from college in 30-plus percent greater numbers than men for years, there are now four women for every three men nationally in the marriage-age, college-educated dating market,” Birger says.The island is great for, say, watching a cheesy musical or spending 0 on a bottle of vodka. In Manhattan, the numbers are even more dire, with 38 percent more young female college grads than male.“Of the nine couples he had in counseling, seven of them shared a similar story: The guys all had several options, but they married the women who pursued them the most.” And ladies, don’t worry about turning off guys by being too pushy.“It’s a myth that men enjoy the chase,” Birger says.

“This notion that the only area of life you shouldn’t issue an ultimatum in is romance doesn’t make sense.” Researcher John Molloy interviewed 3,000 couples right after they got their marriage licenses and found that 60 percent of the women were prepared to walk away if their guy suddenly declared he wasn’t ready.

Birger says the imbalance is also exacerbated by New York’s large population of gay males.

Some 9 to 12 percent of men in Manhattan are gay, according to Gary Gates, a demographics expert at UCLA’s Williams Institute.

The aggressive women are the ones more likely to get the guy.

“I was talking about this with my rabbi, and he does premarital counseling,” Birger says.

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