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If you get a face full of it, it turns you into a contortionist berserker.If some worms fall into it, they’ll turn into face-fuckers and kill you.His instruments tell him that unknown chemical processes are terraforming the air to make it breathable and between his naivete, his arrogance, and his irrational faith in the goodwill of the Engineers it makes sense for him to do the stupid thing there. (2) Then, , they continue to deliberately walk around with their helmets off.But while he’s doing that stupid thing, literally everyone else is telling him not to do it. The scenes of characters practically nuzzling their faces into alien chemicals with unknown properties are absolutely an absolutely stunning and soul-searingly beautiful film.I saw it in 3D on an original IMAX screen (which undoubtedly assisted the breathtaking vistas), but if you want to see two hours of cinematic splendor this film will absolutely deliver that.

But in the wider context of the film, it’s really just another bit of stupid to pile on top of all the other stupid. But if you’re just going to throw stupid up on the screen over and over and over again, I’m going to check out. The possibility that the group responsible for the former and the latter aren’t the same group of Engineers?

Constellations and hemispheres and directions to solar systems. “Eh, seems fine” as a modus operandi for your space exploration mission.

How to safely approach and explore a new planet/moon.

Currey, a graduate student in geography at the University of North Carolina, investigated east central Nevada’s Snake Range, on the flank of Wheeler Peak.

He was one of many people seeking to develop chronologies of climatic change during the “Little Ice Age,” which at the time was defined in very general terms as a 400-year period when global temperatures dropped slightly, reaching a minimum in the early 1600s.

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  1. If I gave them a great show, most of the time they’d give me a five star rating. It was funny, because some of them would let me know, “Hey, I’m a dude, hope you don’t mind me watching,” and I’d tell them, “No man, I don’t mind, this is a show.