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- CLICK HERE FOR THE COMFORTING SONG - NGAI NOWE UNGIHOTA KUMENYA It was a case of keeping it in the family for a mother and daughter who shared a man.

Leanne admitted that her mother, Julie, had had a fling with her current partner before she got together with him.

The younger daughter wanted the family to repair their relationship but host Jeremy was quite flabbergasted at Charlotte now taking sides with her mother.

Charlotte said: "People make mistakes in life and we're not all perfect." She claimed she was getting abuse of Leanne and her other sister Stacy, who was sat in the audience.

We will open an account for your Chama and your savings amount and consistency determines your borrowing power.According to Leanne, her mother was on drugs and had sent abusive threats to her partner.But Julie viciously denied the accusations screaming: "I ain't on drugs. " Julie was joined by her daughter Charlotte who she had previously argued with on another Jeremy Kyle show but had now seemingly made up.Hospitals in the worst-affected states were on alert to treat victims of heatstroke and authorities advised people to stay indoors and drink plenty of water.Hundreds of people - mainly from the poorest sections of society - die at the height of summer every year across India, while tens of thousands suffer power cuts from an overburdened electricity grid.

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He told Julie she was a terrible mother but that they all needed to take responsibility for their own mess.

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