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Access changes the Macro window to look like that shown in Figure 18-8. In the Condition column, you specify expressions that tell Access when it should execute the actions you specify in the Action column.

For a review on Access expressions, turn to Chapter 3, "Taking a Closer Look." Condition expressions are the same as those you use in validation rules, filtering, and sorting.

Make sure the 'Show Modal' property is equal to False.

it doesn't stop execution of any other code, like a modal userform would).

Notice that there are only two columns, Action and Comment.

If the person was "John Citizen" and this is stored in the variable str Record Name, the userform will show, "Updating record for John Citizen...".

The Do Events built-in function is used to pass control onto the operating system to ensure messages are processed.

In Excel I can "freeze" the appearance of the window while a macro runs in the background updating various cells in a spreadsheet and then "unfreeze" the screen to reveal all of the changes.

Do this eliminates screen flicker and other various unattractive visual actions while a macro is running. I have a couple of subforms that require my using Me.

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I thought it would be helpful to show some of the mechanics of programming with pivot tables.

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