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I complete the basic information, which includes my weight (minus the three pounds I’m planning on losing anyway) and send it off to the vultures.

This is something i’ve never done it before, i think we should just leave it for now, i know this is last minute and im really sorry, Ive just been having second thoughts. He is friendly and reassured but still cautious about meeting.

Not even half way and the fatigue is starting to kick-in.

But tonight is Mouse Mingle, possibly my favourite niche-dating site available in the UK- exclusively for adult Disney fans.

I log on after an hour to check on my progress, 2 “Absolutely not”, 2 “No”, 3 “Beautiful” and 14 “Hmmm… I check my ranking 27 times, that’s once every 1 hour 12 minutes after accounting for sleep. The conversation is stunted and as the “Hi, how are yous” start trickling in I realise that no one is injecting much personality into this.

Two anxiety-filled days later and I am in, I hold a strong position between “Beautiful” and “Hmmm… Maybe good-looking people don’t need to be interesting.

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I wonder if he’s received a mother’s chat about stranger danger. My initial reaction is to wonder why he is online dating but the more I mull on the events I decide he’s probably right. After an unexpected break from my week of dating I’ve woken up feeling a little deflated.

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