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One of the men pulled a gun and shot Medina in the chest before fleeing with his three accomplices.

Medina was taken to Harlem Hospital, where he died.

ceremony, and that Rivera was not with his buddies. Bradshaw, who indeed posed for pics with Rivera, was thrilled he made it."It mean a lot to me," Bradshaw said.

She then handed the check to a teller, who refused to cash it and gave it back to Rivera.

Torres left, but was arrested Monday and charged with forgery and attempted criminal possession of stolen property.

Kavanagh worked it out so that non-FGCU folks were able to help Rivera get through three long months of going back and forth from campus to Cape Coral each day and night. Longtime FGCU assistant Rusty Mc Kee and wife Traci even offered to take Bella in.

A permit must be issued and paid for before an inspection can be scheduled.

For permits involving a plan review, an inspection list will be attached to the construction documents that are given back to the applicant at the time the permit is issued.

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Every time I let them know, 'Listen, I'm not part of this. I'm just here with my little sister.'"Tollett and Traci Mc Kee, an attorney, accompanied Rivera for his parents' dual arraignment."I've seen sad stories," Tollett said. But that day when his dad came out in shackles and Nick looked at his dad and his dad looked at him ... Then 30 minutes later his mother came out and it was just really, really sad. '"They told him it was for his mom trafficking in heroin -- his dad was in the county jail. I love them too much."Sure, Rivera could have had a small army of supporters like the one on hand for Senior Night -- Amy's mom, Nancy Fernandez, represented the family because the Benders were out of town for Tyler's graduation from Alabama State -- two Fridays ago.

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