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However much those may be worth to you, and how much impact they actually have on the task at hand (scoring hits) is another thing indeed. It lets you get farther out towards the muzzle and still have an FSP. The recce-type of accurized rifle is probably the only argument to be made against a 6920.

Even so, a stock 6920 firing 77gr OTM is still more than accurate enough to hit torsos out to the limits of the cartridge's effective range. They also cost very little to obtain, and can be done by hand with minimal tools in minutes.

I just want to stimulate discussion on, and learn from the forum, which parts are for show, which provide tangible benefit, and how to tell if it's worth it. That's not to say having all the cool stuff is bad but mission drives gear the focus should be on increasing proficiency at the most fundamental level. You can make a basic carbine more comfortable but if you can't shoot with it; what then? It is super basic save for a FF KAC RAS that does nothing major except be a rail I got at a good price. It has one of Greg Sully's perfect lowers, a BCM upper with a Green Mountain barrel.

Gear that augments that after the fact is just a bonus. Really the only thing it does better than the little PSA carbine is that it is more comfortable to shoot.

Why do you have the kit that you have, and what have you found it brings to the table? Stick I have been asked to point out by board policy that I am Magpul's photographer.

The 6920 is for sure the best deal in rifles that has existed in my lifetime. And I agree it can do almost anything I would ever need it to do, which is why its very similar M4 cousins are general issue weapons.

Past these details (I am sure that I'm missing a few), you really need to start talking about specialty rifles, such as the SPR/DMR or a mk18.

Honestly, the 6920-R is such a sexy deal that I am considering getting one despite already having a 16" AR, and thus having the problem 'solved'.

At this point in my life shooting is something I enjoy, like others enjoy golf. I rarely wear gloves, don't really have a problem with heat on any of the rifles, because I don't fo mag dumps.

Generally, every couple mags I'm giving the rifle a rest to change up targets. Probably, but they are incremental, and likely of such a slim margin that to call them necessary is to inform everyone around you that your priorities are lost in the sauce.

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