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Sis Levin's book, Beirut Diary, describes Jerry's captivity and her efforts to gain his freedom.

Currently, Jerry lives in Birmingham, Alabama, where he and his wife are involved in educational efforts to achieve peace through non-violence. (--DS) Jerry's email: [email protected], retired anchor, sportscaster, and newswriter Harvey Hauptman died on August 2, 2017, at the age of 87.

Just wanted to say how much I appreciate your website keeping track of the WCBS tradition.

I've been around long enough (first day reporting at WBBM was February 10, 1969 under the guidance of Van Gordon Sauter) so I know, or have known of, many of the people on which you have reported over the years.

Harvey, an enthusiastic Rutgers booster, later became a sportscaster for the station, and then a news anchor.

A touching funeral service was conducted at Anshe Emeth Memorial Temple in New Brunswick, New Jersey, which was lived streamed.

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Algeria, 1943, through Italy and France, to Alsace in early 1945, with a coda years later.

Arabs volunteer to fight Nazis to liberate France, their motherland.

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Indigènes streaming vf gratuit : En 1943, alors que la France tente de se libérer de la domination nazie, le parcours de quatre “indigènes”, soldats oubliés de la première armée française recrutée en Afrique.

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