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As well as describing the characteristics of their ideal types, Idols often name celebrities who best matches their type.: No ideal type in particular, because he’s confident once he finds a girl he really cares about, everything she does will look cute and pretty to him; However, believes that the atmosphere and feeling between the two is important.Exo uses one of the few acceptable sweeteners: raw honey (the other trendy honey-like sweetener, Agave, is probably killing you slowly).And, unlike Lara Bar, it’s got 10g of protein, which will satisfy the fitness folks in your life.: Someone with a kind heart; Someone with proper manners; Someone who looks good in jeans; Someone with fair skin; Someone petite with cute round features; Someone who is overflowing with charm; Someone who knows how to play hard to get at times; Doesn’t have to be is lively and bright all the time : Someone who doesn’t abruptly open the shower door while he’s showering; Doesn’t care about skin tone; Someone who cares for him and has a transparent heart; Someone who looks good when their hair is in a top bun; Someone passionate about his work; Someone who is thin (almost frail-looking?

Despite having full schedules with EXO currently on their world tour and f(x) also performing their concert overseas in Japan, the two idols have allegedly found time in-between to meet with one another for dates.K-Idols often get asked about which aspect of their ideal partner they look for the most.Some idols’ answers are specific, but sometimes they’re ambiguous.It is further shared that they have known each other since 2007, nearly 10 years, since their trainee days. They are considered to have one of the best bodies in K-pop. Many fans have really wished that they dated in real life.Both are also known for their cold personalities and their good looks, as well as their fit bodies.“Kai and Krystal. They were often mentioned as fictional couple that would rule the industry.

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