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You need to be able to relate to them, if that person has never left their own country, or city, their experience, knowledge, perceptions in regards to your own will be different consequently the individuals wont be able to relate and converse to the same level as someone who had experienced similar things not to mention the language.

One of my Chinese mates dates a very pretty german girl, and when i look at their background, they both speak German and Chinese, love travelling, love photography, read a lot, enjoy a healthy lifestyle; so they can relate on a lot of things.

” I ask J on the phone as I slurp some coffee and munch on toast.”I hear you have dinner with his family every weekend? “I said that I did, and she kept questioning me about what I cook. I feel bad–I want to buy my own food, I don’t want anything from their family! “We’ve both dated Chinese men, so I know this isn’t a first for you. But when she asked me to imagine how awkward it would be to do that in the West, I did find it quite hard to imagine my friend’s western mom handing me a box of chicken feet or fresh celery after every visit to their house.

Seems like things are getting serious.” “Mary, I’m going to have a breakdown,” J sighs heavily on the phone. I felt really uncomfortable answering, but I said I made a few salads, soups and sandwiches every now and then. Every visit, your Chinese boyfriend’s family is always going to give you enough food to feed Noah’s ark. In the west, the constant act of giving food and looking out for your every need and sense of well-being is, just, well… I think in the west, we call it “over-bearing”–or really, to be more blunt, it’s just nosy and intrusive.

Really, In all honesty, dating a white dude would probably save J and I from a hassle of problems and a headache of confusion. Of course you do have options when it comes to dating and love, but sometimes there’s just something special about a certain somebody you can’t seem to put your finger on.

If he’s Chinese, or African or Korean or Spanish or whatever he may be, that makes him a part of who he is.

“His mom did something that REALLY bothered me these last few weekends.” “Oh no,” I set my coffee on the table and leaned in, almost as if J were really sitting across from me. After I told her my usual cooking menu, she told me that she would go to the store and buy vegetables for me. The next day I went to their house, and she had not one, but TEN tomatoes and EIGHT potatoes! My first shock of the ‘gift giving and receiving’ came in Japan, where going to anyone’s house empty handed (no matter the occasion) was almost as bad as leaving a bag of flaming poo at their doorstep. You always brought food/snacks, and they always brought it to you.

“Did she say something about you being a foreigner? ” “Well at least you don’t have to buy tomatoes,” I laugh and take another sip of coffee. And since I was the only foreigner in town, I was treated like the emperor–the families in my community always sent me home with at least 10 boxes of food and 3 bottles of alcohol (sometimes food went to waste, but never the home-made sake).

After visiting Z’s family in Ningbo over new year, her mother sent me home with enough fruit to sell in the market and a supply of walnuts and sunflower seeds that would last through the apocalypse. On regular visits they didn’t send me home with just food, but also socks, toothpaste, shampoo, and–get this– a brand new down feather coat. I’d be lucky if my dad brought me cough syrup from the kitchen.If he can't take you for who you are, the relationship won't work.I can't believe I'm actually saying this, but...Her goal is to gather us mus reliable information about dating Chinese men as possible, so when others are searching it online they will get a better picture what is it really like to date a Chinese guy.I dated a Chinese guy back in Finland already and have been living in China for three years now.

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