Dating a transgender

While the majority of parents believe (and if they are honest, hope) it could never happen to them, what if your son or daughter did show signs of struggling with their gender? “On the other hand, there have been some incredible Dads that I know that have embraced their children’s identity and supported them wholly.” “Whichever parent this is, it causes immense distress to the children caught up in this situation, as they are effectively torn between being themselves or alienating one of the people who are meant to love them unconditionally.” Mermaids is a support group originally formed in 1995 by a group of parents who were brought together as a result of their children's long-standing gender Identity Issues.

Faced with transgender children coming out at increasingly younger ages, families need to be able to accept and support their children, and be advised and supported themselves.

What do you say to your son who wants to wear girls’ clothing, behave in a ‘feminine’ way or asks to be called a girl’s name?

Do you brush it aside as a ‘phase’ or take it seriously and help him navigate his way through what is a life-changing and potentially destabilising situation for everyone involved? “I would say that some men may take a little more time and education to understand,“ Susie Green, Chair of support group Mermaids told me.

Honest: A straight man has shared the difficulties he faces dating a pre-operative transgender woman as he spoke about his sex life in intricate detail on the Savage Lovecast, presented by Dan Savage, pictured He said that he has previously really enjoyed oral sex, which he claims he would perform 'maybe like 60 per cent of the time...

something that I use to get my partner off', but that he is struggling to feel the same when it comes to his new partner's genitalia.'I try to be very considerate and always make sure my partner does get off and have a good time but my question is this: I recently started seeing a trans woman who I like very much, she's cute, she's funny, she's nice, very good in bed, very good to hang out with, but I really don't enjoy sucking d***.'She has a penis which is nothing that bothers me, I'm attracted to her naked or clothed or what have you, and she hasn't really expressed and she hasn't really expressed any innate desire for me to go down on her yet.

The intimacy was so immediate, the compatibility so palpable, we didn't notice until it was too late that we'd grown hooked on transparency, on the dizzying, terrifying high of finally allowing ourselves to be seen.

It was unlike any courtship, any conversation I had ever had.

The existence of transgender women pose a threat to this concept of masculinity.But the truth is that transgender women don’t reject masculinity and male privilege.They are not ‘men’ to begin with – even though outward appearance and societal expectations suggest otherwise. The issue came to light earlier this year in Louis Theroux's excellent documentary on transgender children in the US.It's a statistic that Kent couple Lucy* and David are very aware of as they support their six-year-old son Peter’s transition to becoming Katy.* “From 18 months, one of our twin sons Peter would always choose a girl’s magazine and a pink tooth brush, while his brother choose the blue.” Lucy told me.“At nursery at three he spent the whole time in a Princess dress and wanted to do ballet which we thought was a phase and didn’t think much of it.” “Then at his induction to school he asked to wear the girls’ uniform.

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