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This church is nearly homogenous in its ethnic category.Coptic Christians are uniquely connected to Egyptian culture.The reason is that women are ritualistically viewed as unclean because they have a menstrual cycle.When they receive communion, they do so outside of the Altar area.Both the young woman and my her husband told me that women and men are equally valued in the church.Women have some privileges that men do not have, such as bearing children.What environmental aids and symbols have been used? These were icons of saints, biblical characters, and Jesus.It was like I was stepping into the third century in many ways.

This particular church, however was shaped like an Ark – reminiscent of Noah.Men have some privileges that women do not have, such as the priesthood. In the case of the worship space and the “wall,” women are not allowed to enter the area where the altar is placed.This isn’t because they are viewed as “less than” but because of a purity issue.Provide a brief description of the congregation’s composition.Would you classify it as being homogeneous in any social, ethnic, economic, or age category? What seems to draw these people to this worshiping community?

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