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The king received divine command to build in his dreams.

The grand design and magnificence added to the architectural splendor of the Chola capital.

The Gangaikonda Choleswarar Temple was built by Chola King Raja Raja I to memorialize his conquest over northern kingdoms.

The city of Gangaikonda Cholapuram was erected as the capital of the Cholas by Rajendra Chola I.

A few shards of black and red pottery, traced back to the pre-Christian period, and a terracotta head, said to be of Skanda, was also discovered. At a spot known to local fishermen as Karaiyappar, the team discovered a structure dating back to Poompuhar's glory days: part of the city was submerged sometime before the second century A. Three sets of constructions were also spotted and divers collected several sandstone slabs, a brick and some pot shards. Archaeologists, though, are sure that the findings are a key to the old city of Kaveripoompattinam, as Poompuhar was then known.

The massive proportions and simplicity of design of the temple is believed to have provided inspiration for other buildings.

Constructions not only in south India but also in south-east Asia have been modified from the grand designs.

These auspicious nine deities are placed in a circle.

The structure shaped as a chariot and the sculptures of Chandeswarar and Gnanasaraswathi are other intriguing attractions.

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Dedicated to their favourite god, Lord Shiva is revered here as Airavateshwara.

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