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More formally, one who is said to practice procuring is a procurer, or procuress.

Female clients of prostitutes are sometimes referred to as janes or sugar mamas.

Most sex worker activists groups reject the word prostitute and since the late 1970s have used the term sex worker instead.

However, sex worker can also mean anyone who works within the sex industry or whose work is of a sexual nature and is not limited solely to prostitutes.

Correctly or not, use of the word prostitute without specifying a sex may commonly be assumed to be female; compound terms such as male prostitution or male escort are therefore often used to identify males.

Prostitution is one branch of the sex industry, along with pornography, stripping, and erotic dancing.

The legal status of prostitution varies from country to country (sometimes from region to region within a given country), ranging from being permissible but unregulated, to an enforced or unenforced crime, or a regulated profession.

In fact my notes on the e Bay sale of video some years back are: “Balding daddy Nick Rodgers is in the middle of shooting a porno with Latin hottie Melchor when he gets his call to perform.

He accepts the offer and returns to Melchor for lots of hot mutual oral before Nick tops the young smooth Latino.” Perhaps it was just one heck of a hot photo shoot.

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The English word whore derives from the Old English word hōra, from the Proto-Germanic *hōrōn (prostitute), which derives from the Proto-Indo-European root *keh₂- meaning "desire", a root which has also given us Latin cārus (dear), whence the French cher (dear, expensive) and the Latin cāritās (love, charity).

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  1. Historically, marriages in most societies were arranged by parents and older relatives with the goal not being love but legacy and "economic stability and political alliances", according to anthropologists.

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