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In Chapter Five: A Brother's Visit by Eurytion --- Cow 701's former brother Billy and Joey patch up a friendship strained by Valerie's conversion.

Billy, acting on the advice of his grief counsellor, participates in the feeding of 701 and enjoys his former sister's oral ministrations.

Joey and Linda Sue lend a hand in the slaughtering.

In Chapter Four: A Maverick's Conversion by Eurytion --- Linda Sue catches Valerie, Joey's thirteen year old neighbour who has a huge crush on Joey without her identification badge.

In Chapter Nine: Patty's Lesson by Eurytion --- Another young girl learns a valuable lesson and Joey is given an idea for a new branch of the business.

In Chapter Ten: Reaching Closure by Eurytion --- Although it's hard, Joey keeps his promise to Valerie.

Eurytion Our story so far: In Chapter One: A New Project by Neuralmancer --- we meet Joey who lives on a human cattle ranch owned by his father.Under the fair's rules, that makes her a maverick to be claimed by the first person who finds her.Linda Sue relinquishes her claim to Joey who reluctantly decides to have the youngster converted by Mc Cains into livestock for his new human veal venture.In Chapter Thirteen: The War Begins by Eurytion --- Anneliese strikes her first blow against human cattle ranching while an old friend of her aunt's frets about the future.In Chapter Fourteen: The Eyes Have It by Eurytion --- A brush with incontinence leads Anneliese to stumble upon her inamorata.

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