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Apparently, according to this finding in 2013, it IS acceptable to carry a fixed-blade knife in your backpack. It’s the more portable version of the SOG Seal I carried in Africa, Iraq, and Afghanistan.I also carry an Ontario Knives Model II folder in my pocket that I use at least once a day if I’m wearing dress pants or my Gerber 06 S30V tactical that I was issued in Afghanistan for normal pants.Among the coolest I met this weekend were Josh Wolf (@joshwolfcomedy), Chelsea Handler (@chelseahandler), and their producers: Bob and Li Anne.Josh has a new talk show coming out soon on CMT that you should check out if your humor’s anything like mine.Unfortunately, some of you live in places where you can’t carry a good knife. Unless I’m mistaken (I’m not a Calfornia cop so you’ll have to check your local ordinances), you should be able to carry a non-switchblade knife in your pocket or bag.If you carry a fixed-blade knife, they’ve decided for you that you can’t wear it unless you wear it out in the open. Also understand your right against unreasonable search. I personally carry the SOG Seal Pup fixed-blade knife in my pack.

That little silver mylar emergency “blanket” you have: it’s shit. It’s only good as a heat reflector or maybe something to keep off a light rain but they’ll rip the first time you use them. I have this one in my bag or behind the passenger seat of my Harley at all times. Unless you live in a small town and never leave, you may have to walk several miles to get where you need to go.In most cases, you’d want to head home but that may not make sense if your work is pretty far.Also, your home may not be accessible during or after an earthquake.As with all other kinds of emergency preparedness, you have to analyze the threats you could face, the risks those threats present, your vulnerabilities, and what mitigation strategies you should implement for your most likely circumstances.Also, there are many, many things you could substitute that would be equally as good, if not better.

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