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A fine example of an unusual variant of the Afghanistan sabre or Pulwar as it is sometimes referred to.A outstanding example of a Prussian Dragon sword for Chinese Officer, Boxer Rebellion era.

These types of swords are recorded in ancient Chinese writings but where not seen and recorded by European sources until the 1870s.A fine example of a 19th century Afghanistan fighting sword. This blackening of fittings was a necessary measure to stop sunlight shining off metal ware that would reveal a person's whereabouts under the harsh sunlight of the region. The hilt entirely blackened as would have been the scabbard if present as seen on examples within the SOLD page.The blade is both thick and broad with fine distal taper through to the cutting edge and tip. The hilt of this formidable weapon is of a known type that is of rare form.It is of genuine Nepalese manufacture, indicated by the long stupa pommel and the bolster of the type seen on Nepalese Kora.

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