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Note: An SAT II Subject Test score of Note: The placement tests are given only during the first three weeks of each semester.

Interested students should consult the sign-up sheets on the door of B036 New Cabell Hall at the beginning of each semester.

Students who have studied Tibetan language in the past at home or in any institution other than U. should take both the written and oral placement test.

A day or two before the actual class should be fine.

The corpus consists of public government documents.

This is a part of the Parallel Universal Dependencies (PUD) treebanks created for the [Co NLL 2017 shared task on Multilingual Parsing from Raw Text to Universal Dependencies](

All Korean course placement is determined by the Department of East Asian Languages, Literatures and Cultures's Placement Exam.

UD Afrikaans is a conversion of the Afri Booms Dependency Treebank, originally annotated with a simplified Po S set and dependency relations according to a subset of the Stanford tag set.

If you do things right, your flooded home can be cleaned, dried out, rebuilt and reoccupied sooner than you think!

Contact the corresponding Foreign Language Coordinator with any further questions.

The Basque UD treebank is based on a automatic conversion from part of the Basque Dependency Treebank (BDT), created at the University of of the Basque Country by the IXA NLP research group.

The treebank consists of 8.993 sentences (121.443 tokens) and covers mainly literary and journalistic texts.

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Va., read the Foreign Language Placement Examinations webpage for information on the NYU 16 point Foreign Language Proficiency Test.

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